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Coron - Divers Paradise and Snorkelers Wisdom

December 21, 2016


So finally when we booked our flights to the most beautiful islands of world - Palawan, my joy knew no bound. And here I was planning for everything I wanted to do and enjoy when I reach the beautiful islands of Coron - in Palawan islands.


I know, I know you would say since Coron is for dive enthusiasts better known sunken Japanese ships from the World War II era, avoidable for normal tourists and visit her twin sister El Nido and the islands around her. And my dear friends here you are wrong - Coron will deliver its promise. 



Coron is a small underdeveloped town in the northern province of Palawan acting as a jump up points for startling, enticing and heavenly beautiful white beaches, with crystal clear blue waters. You ask any snorkeler and he would vouch for his life for the 

rich corals and amazing sea life within. The trip from airport is by a Van which will take around 150php and drop you to your 

desired resort or just to the Coron town proper and If you haven't got your sunscreen /mosquito repellant this is your chance to buy.

Also, it's better to have aqua shoes to safeguard from corals and sharp rocks.



Coron The sleepy town, with sleepless wonders around, in it itself, has nothing much to do apart from climbing the mt Tapas or relax in the macquinit hot springs. It has all ranges of accommodation starting from backpackers to mid-range to the high-end resorts. Name the luxury and you have it.Each of the islands around has a story to tell about itself, to entice you with the sweet sound of the waves, with their deep blue waters, and embrace you in their perfectly while beaches.It does not have much of nightlife, but you would hear some really awesome stories from fellow travelers in the rusty bars.



FOOD .. 


Coron doesn't house epicurean restaurants but it has no dearth of beautiful places like winnies restaurant, lobster king, and Kawayanan Grill Station, But if you really wanna splurge on 5-star dining, the newly opened two seasons resort restaurant SULU has all you need.. A budget of around 1000 PHP per person will last for most people for food and drinks.



So when you wake up and take the Banka at 8 am, you will surely be visiting one of the below main attractions.


Siete Picados


It's the nearest snorkeling place from coron and it just gives a small glimpse of the beautiful corals ahead into the deep sea. We had a 30 minutes snorkel around . its best and cheaper to bring your own Snorkel, mask, and fins which suit you.The corals were 

diverse and alive, many varieties of fish, water was clear and warm



Kayangan Lake

The way to kayagan lake is spectacular with tall gray limestones columns overlooking the unseemingly blue water. Each moment would be like stolen out of a movie shot. Once you dock your boat and have a 10 minutes hike to the top you arrive at one of the most beautiful views of Philippines which can only be seen and less described.After another 5 -10 minutes walk down the trail you arrive at the beautiful kayangan lake.The lake has a layer of warm and cold water when you swim across and nearly opaque.



Twin Lagoon

Nevertheless to say Twin lagoon is one of the musts see in Coron, it's the place where fresh water meets sea water so you will again have places of warm and cold water when you swim. The boat docks at the first lagoon and then you swim underneath the crevice of a 

small rock to reach the second lagoon.It's very relaxing to just float around enjoy the greenish blue water around 


Barracuda Lake

Barracuda lake has been of quite an interest recently now with free divers due to beautiful rock formations inside the water and the perfect laying of fresh, salt and brackish water. Fortress of Limestone rocks guards this beauty so careful with proper footwear when you plan to visit her. The Lake has a rich marine life and you might just hit upon some barracudas if you are lucky.


Twin Peak Reef 

SO you love turtles this is the place. This is one of the elaborate snorkeling places in Coron.You can be in the open waters for more than an hour exploring the corals and it will feel like minutes to you.




 Atuayan Beach




It's the island where you have lunch, charming with nice white sand and awesome amount of shades in the huts. With a full day in the boat you will certainly appreciate land with delicacies which are part of the trip package are spread across you on the table, swimming post it was refreshing.


 Diving the Akitsushima


Diving in Coron is a year long affair and we did not want to miss to admire the world war 2 sunken boat. The Akitsushima was an IJN 

(Imperial Japanese Navy) vessel heavily built and now rests nearly 30 meters below.  Its has plentiful marine life and corals and suitable for macro photography.



Malcapua and Banana Islands


It  is the star in the tiara of Coron islands. The first sight and we decided to stay there for the night. We requested the administrator of the undeconstructed resort to letting us stay there for a night and asked our boatman to pick us up the next day noon. What followed was a romance with the blue water and awesome rocks protruding in low tide giving access to the remote part of the island. 

Banana island overlooks the Malcapua and the two seasons resorts Coron. It's smaller but still has a beautiful beach to enjoy.


  Lusong Gun boat wreck 

It's one of the sunken Japanese boats which are easily accessible to Newbie divers and you can see it clearly while snorkeling above the water. Corals have found their place inside and around where once the mighty Japanese army commanded victory.


cash alerts: Coron town few ATMs so check on stashing pesos in cash, as there are few establishments only which accepts the card.


the licensed tours include life vests, entrance fees, tour guide and lunch, you can chose from any of the below


 Coron Island Ultimate Tour 

Destinations: Bulungan Beach, Calachuchi Coral Eden, Hidden Lagoons, Kayangan Lake, Twin Peaks Reef, CYC Island. 


Las Islas Tribal Ecotour

Destinations: Barracuda Lake, Siete Pecados, Lajala Cultural Village, Dimanglet Beach, Coral Triangle


Sun, Sea and Sand Ecotour  

Destinations: Malcapuya Island. 

Option to add Banana Is. and Bulog Is. +250/pax


Culion Historical Tour --1,150/pax 

Destinations: Culion 17th Century Church, Historical Landmarks, Culion Museum, Bogor Marine Park.


Calauit Safari Park 

By land ---2,300/pax 

Destinations:Calauit Safari Park w/ sidetripyo Salvacion Town, Concepcion Falls, Bintuan Mangrove Boardwalk, Malbato Chapel on the 


how to get to Coron 


By Air 
there is no direct international flights to Coron , you have to land to cebu , Manila , boracay, Puerto princess , el nido  to take the domestic flights .

Cebu Pacific –  Several daily flights from Manila.
Philippine Airlines – Several daily flights from Manila.
SkyJet Airlines – Boutique airlines with one flight from Manila every day.
Air Juan Airline – Small 9 seat charter airline that flies between Coron to Boracay (Tuesday & Friday) and Puerto Princesa to Coron



By Ferry

Manila to Coron / Puerto Princesa – Every TUESDAY and FRIDAY at 1:30 PM
Coron to Manila – Every THURSDAY at 4:30 PM

through  El nido 

Negros Navigation leaves Coron for Puerto Princesa every Friday and heads back to Coron every Saturday. Super ferry, meanwhile, leaves from Coron every Saturday and returns on Sunday. 
by puerto princessa

Indian Alert

Needless to say Coron and surrounding islands are for water lovers . The seafood here is awesome , if you want to spice it up - feel free to carry some of your own spices and  instruct the
boatman to customize your dish . In the entire escapades for a week in the sea , my husband had no issues being vegetarian we mentioned his choice of food a day earlier in each tours , and  
We  got plenty of Dal (local mungo ) ,  awesome stir fried vegetables , tropical fruits - like mangoes , banana , pineapples , coconut water to drink . Its was a more of detox with stomach
friendly food .
The resorts do have options for western food , and plenty of vegetarian options .There is no Indian restaurant in Coron or adjoining islands . 




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